Pick from the exercises below to create a personal routine for warm-up. Spend 4-6 minutes on your routine from the following exercises:

Dynamic Stretching x5 each or on x5 each side:

Inch Worm


Duck Walk

High Knee Hug Walk-come up on toe-squeeze glute of bottom leg                                                   

Glute Cradle –Grab knee and ankle-shin is more parallel to ground

Lunge/Elbow to Instep

Alternating Quad

Handstand Hamstring or Inverted Hamstring Stretch

Backwards Lunge Reach through Core


1-2-3 Scoop

High Knees

Kick Butt

Fast Kick Butt

Skip big arms reach up and around

Fast skip

Power Skip

Backwards Drop Skip

Pillar Skip Forward

Pillar Skip Lateral x2

Karioca x2 or Tapioca x2 (snap hips, stomp feet)

Shuttle Rt (Don’t let heels touch-quick feet)

Shuttle Left

Goose Step March to Skip it out